Wide range of industries right of

SYCAMORE INTERNATIONAL does not restrict its focus to specific industries. We are able to use our expertise to fully understand client needs and would involve external specialists where necessary and in the interest of a project.

Actually, based on the experience of SYCAMORE INTERNATIONAL’s  Staff, project finance exposure extend over a wide range of industries, including agriculture and agro-processing, mining, energy, process engineering, petroleum pipeline, road and rail transport infrastructure, hotels and telecommunications.

Objectives right of

  • Identify and assess risks that can have impact on the viability, implementation, and operation of a project.
  • Assist clients in developing bankable projects, facilitating the successful raising of capital, timeous financial and technical close and ultimately the effective execution of a project.
  • Advise clients on how to create value from private equity opportunities.
  • Assist clients in recovering unpaid debts.